Eight Causes Your Windows Key Isn’t Working

Eight Causes Your Windows Key Isn’t Working

This key’s within the location the place the Caps Lock key could be on different keyboards. If one plugs a Windows keyboard right into a macOS computer, the Windows key acts as the ⌘ Command. This swaps the places of ⌘ Command and Alt from normal Macintosh keyboards.

This means Windows key shortcuts may even not work. However, the start menu still works fine when you use the mouse. This article will assist in explaining this problem and give you fixes to it. On Unix and Unix-like operating methods, the secret is often given the X keysym “Super” (on earlier variations “Meta” was often used), and activates the shift bit referred to as MOD4.

What To Do If Its A Hardware Problem

Is your Windows key damaged, or is it the Start menu? Click the Windows icon within the backside-left of your display screen. If nothing happens, the problem is with the Start menu. If you have a USB keyboard, unplug it then plug it again in. Windows will reinstall the drivers routinely.

Hopefully the methods above will assist you to repair the Windows key not working problem. Updatebutton next to a flagged keyboard driver to automatically obtain and install the correct model of this driver . The drawback may also be brought on by outdated keyboard drivers. So to repair the issue, attempt to update the keyboard drivers.


Hopefully now your Windows secret is working again. Not only does the Windows key present speedy access to your Start menu, it is also used along side different keys for lots of handy Windows shortcuts. Filter keys is a Windows 10 accessibility perform that, when enabled, ignores temporary or repeated keystrokes. This may be interfering along with your Start button, so strive turning it off.

why is my windows key not working

Disable gaming mode to fix the error following our information under. , click on the drop-down menu to pick the language that matches the selected keyboard. To keep away from potential software program damage, immediately replace keyboards damaged by liquid spills.

⊞ Win+← or → to align the window to the corresponding facet of the display, tiled vertically. ⊞ Win+↓ restores the default window measurement and state of the energetic window, if maximized. ⊞ Win+Tab ↹ switches active app utilizing Aero Flip 3D. Requires desktop composition, a function of Windows Aero. Aero Flip 3D is discontinued in Windows eight and this key is reassigned.

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